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Talking cultural policy and globalisation with Leo Zuckermann

My interview for Televisa just before my speech at FIL Guadalajara 2017.

Today I have had the pleasure to randomly discover one of the interviews I have given before contributing to the symposium From Wall to Wall: The Siege Upon Civilization at FIL Guadalajara 2017.

It has been almost exactly a year now since my trip to Mexico. Over the past few days I have been reminiscing about the whole Mexican experience with my travel companion, and then this morning I came across this video. I am slightly embarrassed to admit that in the confusion of the event I didn't realise that I was being interviewed for Televisa, the largest multimedia mass media company in Hispanic America and the Spanish-speaking world.

It was an immense pleasure to discuss my views on cultural policy and globalisation with amazing host and columist Leo Zuckermann.

Here is the link to my full interview.

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